Aaron Barak

Aharon Barak

Aharon Barak was born 16.9.1936 in Kowno .The family lived on the green mountain.His father Zvi Brick, an attorney, and his mother ,Leah, a Latin teacher.The family was deported to the ghetto and as the children were kidnapped in the "Kinder Akzia" Aharon was hidden and latter smuggled to the countryside where the whole family was hidden.At the end of the war, after wandering through Hungary, Austria, and Italy, Aharon and his parents reached Rome and in 1947 - Palestine. He studied law and became President of the supreme court of Israel from 1995 to 2006.At the heart of the development of the law of Israel stands Aharon Barak. He opened new horizons. The law as it stands after his presidency differs in its purpose from the era which preceded him. Since his first year in the Supreme Court his rulings were groundbreaking, since '1978 and until today he set the central legal norms that this court granted Israeli society.